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May 2018 APA Assembly Report

Robert Feder, M.D.
New Hampshire Assembly Rep

  1. Finances

    APA revenues and expenses for 2017 were within projections. Total net assets of the APA and the Foundation continue to grow robustly due to favorable performance of the stock portfolio

  2. Membership

    APA membership continues to be at an all time high at 37,896. Although there have been significant increases in younger members (residents and early career psychiatrists), the overall aging of the APA population will definitely reduce dues revenue in the years to come. The Assembly was asked to vote on new wording (created by a Board Task Force) for the APA Bylaws to replace the Rule of 95 (which permanently reduced dues for older members) with wording creating semi- and fully-retired categories, with less of a dues reduction than had been awarded previously for senior members. Those members who already have had a dues reduction under the Rule of 95 would not be affected. The Assembly passed ratification of this ByLaws change.

  3. News from the APA Medical Director

    Dr. Levin reviewed a pilot program of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) to reduce the burden of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). This new program involves primarily reviewing journal articles and taking multiple choice tests on them, and does away with the previous patient-centered improvement activities. Dr. Levin indicated that these changes were indicative of the much more aggressive stance the APA is taking in regard to MOC requirements. Further evidence of positive movement in this area is a new CEO for the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Levin also described the increased presence of Psychiatry in the American Medical Association with Patrice Harris running for President (she subsequently won the election) and Louise Krause running for the AMA Board.

  4. Assembly Actions

    The Assembly passed the following notable action papers. Those passed will still need to be approved by the APA Board before they become official APA policy.

    1. Requesting that the APA will advocate with the ABPN for a return to lifelong Board Certification, without the need for any MOC activities
    2. Requesting the APA develop a toolkit to assist clinicians in appealing adverse managed care decisions
    3. Requesting that the APA endorse positions taken by the AMA to oppose nurse practitioners and physician assistants from practicing without physician supervision.
    4. That the APA adopt a Position Statement that opposes any legislation at the State or Federal level that would grant psychologists prescribing privileges (amazingly, the APA does not yet have such a position statement).

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