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November 2018 APA Assembly Report

Robert Feder, M.D.
New Hampshire Assembly Rep

  1. Finances

    APA revenues and expenses for 2018 were generally stable. Total net assets of the APA and the Foundation grew very modestly due to relatively poor stock portfolio performance in 2018 compared to 2017.

  2. Membership

    APA membership remains high, in the 37,000-38,000 range. However, the average age of members continues to rise, with a resulting decrease in income related to membership dues.

  3. News from the APA Medical Director

    Dr. Levin reviewed the latest developments with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in regard to Maintenance Of Certification. Although the ABPN has shown some evidence of willingness to make the process easier, the APA feels more is needed. The APA is giving the ABPN more time to show better improvements before the APA considers establishing its own MOC process.

    The APA’s new national offices at 800 Maine Ave. SW in Washington DC are fully occupied and operational. All APA members are invited to stop by and see them, especially the new APA Library, which is quite impressive.

  4. Assembly Actions

    The Assembly passed the following notable action papers. Except for 4) and 8), these actions will still need to be approved by the APA Board before they become official APA policy.

    1. That the APA works in a timely manner to end all financial investments in companies that generate their income from fossil fuels
    2. That the APA develops a position statement encouraging non-biased and diverse membership on expert panels, with the goal of increasing the role of psychotherapy in treatment guidelines.
    3. That the APA advocates for add-on billing codes for suicide risk assessment
    4. Approved a position statement that recognizes the negative impact of police brutality on black males
    5. That the APA develops a position statement on the need for psychiatrists’ and patients’ input in the process of psychiatric facility design, construction, and renovation (Isabel Norian, M.D. was primary author)
    6. That the APA creates a position statement regarding; and makes it an advocacy priority with CMS, the Joint Commission, and other relevant stakeholders; to address the administrative burden of treatment plan documentation (Isabel Norian, M.D., was primary author)
    7. That the APA Communications Department monitor the Scientology Cable TV channel and other Scientology media efforts for misinformation campaigns, and that the APA Public Affairs Department provide speaking points for members to address these issues.
    8. Approved the following Position Statement on Safe Prescribing: 1) The treatment with medication of patients with mental illness requires a foundation of medical education, training, supervision, and care of patients with a broad range and severity of medical problems. 2) The safety of patients and the public must be the primary consideration of each state’s licensing agencies and legislature. (This was the product of an APA Work Group which was seeking the most effective and safest Position Statement by the APA regarding prescribing scope of practice issues).

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