New Hampshire Psychiatric Society

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New Hampshire Psychiatric Society
7 North State St.
Concord, NH 03301
Tel. (603) 224-7083

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Our Objectives

  • To improve the treatment, rehabilitation, and care of people with mental illness, substance use disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • To make knowledge of mental illness and effective psychiatric diagnosis and treatment available to the public, other physicians, and policy makers
  • To advocate for the best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of mental health services
  • To promote research, professional education in psychiatry, and prevent psychiatric disabilities
  • To promote high standards of care for all psychiatric services and facilities
  • To foster cooperation of all concerned with the medical, psychological, social, and legal aspects of mental health and illness
  • To establish and support the highest standards for psychatric practice and assure the highest quality of mental health care
  • To promote the establishment as well as the maintenance of emotional health